Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's exciting, really...things have been picking up speed as we roll toward the opening of my shop. Yesterday, I viewed the proofs for my limited-edition prints. I had to wait an extra few days for them, since watercolor is hard to duplicate accurately in a print. But the print shop I use is the best in town for artwork, and in the end they did a masterful job. I was terribly impressed. The prints are gorgeous. The Hahnemuhle watercolor paper is velvety and rich, and gives the images the quality of heavy cream.
With the proofs approved and the printing begun, the image captures ready, and the shipping materials on the way, I am thrillingly close to being able to open my virtual doors!

A couple of days ago, this hand-carved rubber stamp arrived - just one of the little details for the packaging.
Isn't it lovely? I love homespun craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind things - so much better than the mass-produced! This one was made to my request by Etsy seller brownpigeon, and I just love it.

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