Thursday, December 3, 2009

We had a lovely (if short, and also slightly frigid) time in the mountains. Our daughter learned all sorts of new things, like ice skating (whoa, did that ever blow her mind!) and a taste for yellowtail rolls. And if I weren't so very tired (in a good way!) I'd tell you all about it right now. But for the time being I'm deep in the process of fulfilling all the Holiday orders that came in while we were gone. Look for our mini-vacation photos in a day or two on my personal blog. I was just a bit bombarded with shop orders while we were away, and I'll be quite busy printing, packaging and shipping for the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, check out the lovely post about my illustrations at Bloesem Kids.

Hope you're enjoying winter as much as we are! ooxx


  1. Oh what a lovely time, but I feel your fatigue of filling holiday orders!
    I posted your sweet work today and glad you left a comment. I did link to you so I am in hopes more orders come your way!

  2. What gorgeous work, I have had a chance to see this and that through my friend Patricia, above...and by browsing your lovely blogs.
    Such a treat!
    Apart from this I just wanted to let you know, I saw the book list you left today at The English Muse blog and I read that you've posted "The Historian" by E.Kostova, I read it and I am so in love with it, she is brilliant to put historical facts and fiction together, I could not stop 'til I was through!!!!
    Such great reading! Also I read "The Magicians" by Lev Grossman, very good as well!
    From one reader/blogger to another: