Monday, March 22, 2010

It's officially spring!
And with the spring, the new collection is in the showroom at VDJ:
You may have seen Q in many a VDJ outfit on our home blog, including the dress in our home blog banner. We're big VDJ fans around here, and it's always exciting to find the new season's collection in the shop.
I love the spring/summer pieces this year, and Q is already wearing a few of them.
So it's with great excitement that I announce...
All photos above by VDJ

...that along with the spring collection, there will be a set of my illustrated paper dolls available in the VDJ shop soon!
This collection was created exclusively for Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, and will feature a doll of Jeanne, along with ten outfits from the spring/summer collection.

Hope you like! I'll be working hard over the next few days to get the sets ready for production.

ps - this set was featured today on MUMisGEEK. Yes, even before it's available in the shop...which raises my blood pressure a bit, I have to admit! Check it out!


  1. I love this site, I have posted a similar picture of the big sister wearing the same hat, such great designs and photographs !!!

  2. You make very pretty illustrations..
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad you like my suitcase of vintage frames.. I reacted the same way when i first saw it! And so I had to buy it.

  3. Wow , the whole collection is fabulous...

  4. Une très bonne idée et de très jolis dessins !

  5. This is awesome!!!!!!!!
    I had ordered some items from VDJ's spring collection and I can't wait to get them!