Thursday, July 8, 2010

My apologies for the lack of updates recently...
This has been the busiest summer in recent history for me, and I haven't had a moment to update either the shop or the website. Work is good, of course, and I can hardly complain...who could imagine a more pleasant sort of labor? It's just that time has been a commodity in very short supply around here. But rest assured, many exciting new projects are in the works and will be revealed before too long.

Until then...happy summer! Meanwhile, you can follow our family adventures at Une Envie de Sel.


  1. Maia you look so beautiful at your desk drawing. I love seeing the creative process you know that well. I am sure you will surprise and delight us beyond our imaginations.

  2. Love these shots!

    Great that you are so busy doing what you love, looking forward to seeing the new projects.

    xxx DJ