Saturday, November 27, 2010

 A little glimpse of the next doll to go in my shop...this one, as you can see, jointed.
There's something alchemical about doll's quite addictive! The process of bringing these little people to life, bit by bit.

Also: An extra little sale in the shop this weekend!
Use coupon code CYBERWEEKEND1 for 20% off anything in the shop through Monday!


  1. Princesse de chiffon !? Je n'ai jamais réalisé de poupée. Mais d'autres idées vous attendent sur le blog des tricots, couture et bricolage.
    Un petit coucou de Lausanne en Suisse où il fait tout blanc ! Décor idéal pour une prnicesse.

  2. Translation.
    Soft material Princesse!? I never done doll. But other ideas are wayting for you on ma *knitting, sawing, bricolage 's blog.
    A little hello from Lausanne, in Switzerland where it is all white, ideal setting to a princesse.