Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 So, when we left for our trip to New York, I did not intend to take my work with me. 
Really, since our trip was so short, and since I had been working my fingers to the bone in the days leading up to our trip, it was meant to be a mind-cleansing. I intended to just let my eyes and brain rest, refuel, and absorb the world around me. 
I brought with me only a book of vintage children's stories for future inspiration, plus my drafting pencil and a Mars plastic eraser, which I take with me wherever I go, just by way of habit. 
But while in Woodstock, we stopped into the local art supply store to pick up some supplies for our daughter to play with.

 As you might imagine, a town like Woodstock has an excellent art supply store. While there, I could not resist picking up one of these beautiful sketching notebooks (I picked the gold one).
 We also picked up some soy-based crayon "rocks", colored popsicle sticks, and Japanese seaweed paste for our daughter to play with. 
But with just my new sketch notebook in hand, I managed to make a dozen or more quick sketches during our three days in Woodstock.
 On our second day back in Denver, in between working on drafts for one of my clients, I fleshed out these two jointed paper dolls based on one of my sketches from NY.
 I printed, cut and assembled them tonight...
 ...and couldn't resist setting them up and taking a few photos.
Ultimately, I think there will be a dozen or more of these jointed paperdolls, available either pre-assembled or ready-to-cut, plus a set of illustrated backgrounds. 
A new project for the shop! 
And I always love a new project, no matter how over-extended I become.


  1. I would love to own one of those articulated paperdolls.

  2. I'm working on one that might be just up your alley...