Wednesday, November 9, 2011

 I'm in the process of launching a new series in my shop this holiday season.
 They are downloadable paper ornaments, a quick, inexpensive and creative way to make party favors, gift cards or table decor for the Holidays!
 All you need is a printer, some good-quality cardstock (available at any office supply), and a small pair of paper scissors. No tape, no glue, no shipping costs, and virtually no wait! I email your jpeg files within 24 hours of payment.
Not only that, but each jpeg image comes with a customizable message. Just let me know at checkout what message you would like printed above your image, or I will leave it blank.  Print out the page on letter-sized cardstock, slip it into a large envelope, and it makes an excellent card/gift/paperdoll to cut out and play with.
 Each jpeg file comes with easy (very easy) instructions for printing, cutting and assembling. Paper "tabs" form a circular base with no taping or gluing or brads required. No extra parts.
Having a holiday party? Print a guest's name on the base of each ornament, and they make perfect place-savers/party favors that guests will be delighted to take home with them. You can print out your jpeg file as many times as you like, so no extra costs for multiple guests! 

(Files are for private use only. Not for resale or transfer. Copyright to each image remains with the artist and is not transferred with purchase.)