Sunday, February 7, 2010

This was an illustration from a series I did when I was making small, stylized children's portraits for friends. I've been revisiting these and thinking on a bigger scale. As soon as I finish a few commissions, I think I'll revisit this series and expand on it a bit.


  1. Interesting movement created by the lines of the coat and dress, the arm swinging back and the mirroring lines of the legs. And I think the background is lovely!

  2. It's lovely, we need to see now Iza and Cael...LOL

  3. I love it, it has a vintage quality.
    Reminds me of a european book....

  4. perfectly charming work and two lovely blogs of yours I discovered! very enchanting, both of them, I am now following!

    Happy Valentines!


  5. wow, i've just happened upon your blog. it's so inspiring. i have spent years, much of my life, trying to find my niche in the art world. in the past year and a half i've started illustrating, and it's hard to describe how happy it makes me. seeing the artists that i've been able to see via blogs and etsy, have really inspired me to want to get my work out there.

    i love your work.