Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Though conscious thought has been at a minimum since we've all been sick, lots of things have still managed to transpire in my studio. 
 Among them my Mr. Fox, whom I hand-sewed from some extra muslin, and hand-painted for our Christmas tree. 
He now wears a little brass bell from India around his neck, so that we can keep track of him. Foxes, as we all know, are sly creatures!
 Muslin and cheesecloth being dyed in tea. The steam is nice for clogged sinuses, which is a bonus ;)
 And drying in the studio, awaiting their transformation into tiny dresses.
 Feathers and sheepskin, awaiting their dodgy fate. Heh-heh.
 And then, in the midst of a solemn work day, there's this....
 A little sprite who pops in quite unannounced and dances around on the work table which I was attempting to use to photograph some pieces for the shop.
 Hence the white backdrop and lovely lighting which, I suppose, she did not fail to recognize for its dramatic potential.
The Q is crafty like that. Like Mr. Fox. You've gotta keep an eye on her. 

btw that around her wrist is her jingle-bell bracelet that she insisted I make for her from a set of mismatched vintage Indian brass bells that arrived the other day in the mail, and some of my tea-dyed muslin. It took me an entire James Bond marathon (all that my ailing brain was up for) to put them together, but I made one for her tiny wrist and one for mine. They jingle just faintly when you move, like the sound of distant sleighbells. They have been such a resounding success - neither Q nor I have taken ours off since I made them - that I think a version will soon be in the shop!

Also in the works, a series of cameo necklaces based on a few of my most popular illustrations. Hopefully ready in January!