Thursday, September 17, 2009

I don't often photograph my workspace, because - well, because I'm not an organized worker. My studio space is not "camera-ready" most of the time, if you take my meaning. This, however, is a wall in my studio, and I'm posting it now because I'm considering repainting the walls this winter. I'm thinking about color. This would be a drastic move for me because I have always worked in white spaces...and the probability that I will actually get to such a project is slim. Still...


  1. This is a lovely photo!! So simple! What does the text say?

  2. What beauty around here. Love to do an interview with you on your illustrations, see my blog and my work.
    pve design

  3. Oooh....tell me! What color are you thinking of painting? I love to paint my walls, to my husband dismay, even though I am the one who happily does it.

  4. Goodness! I forgot to link my comments from this blog so I haven't even read them until today.

    Ida - the text says, roughly, "so much the better if you have dreams"

    pve - Thank you! Belatedly! I'd be happy to do an interview. I was just browsing your lovely blog the other day (adore your profile picture, btw!)

    Yoli - hmmmm...I go back and forth on that subject. I do better with neutrals in my workspace, historically, so I will probably stick to that premise. But I get all sorts of wild flights of when I saw the hot pink that Ines de la Fressange used to such amazing effect in her home. But Oh, I am such an eath-color person when it comes to the home. The most extreme I've ever gotten with color is my Chinese laquer red kitchen.