Monday, September 14, 2009

Like so many artists, I am also inspired by studying that which inspires other creative people whose work I admire. Their work might be very different from my own, but I draw sustenance from each in their own way.

For instance, I always keep an eye on the inspirational blog of Charlotte, designer of the French children's clothing line VDJ. (And, naturally, I was thrilled to one day find my own daughter's photos included therein!)

She does not always attribute the photos that she posts in her inspiration blog, so forgive me if I am not able to properly attribute some of those reproduced here.
This one is from a French photo book called "à hauteur d'enfants" by Olivier Föllmi (éditions de La Martinière)
I have searched for it here in the US, but have not found a source. If anyone knows where I can obtain a physical copy of this wonderful book, please advise!
This layout was from Milk, a magazine of children's style which I also particularly admire.

Manon from Japan (source not included).
Charlotte also draws inspiration by the stylings of her sisters, Jeanne and Clémence. This was Clémence at an earlier age.
From another Milk magazine spread, as shot by the wonderful Australian-cum-French photographer Vee Speers (who is in her own right one of my great inspirations. Expect to find me referencing her brilliant work in the future!).

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  1. Nath of mimimouse has been kind enough to solve my problem with finding the book "a hauteur d'enfants"...oh, it's good to have friends! Thanks Nath for stepping up to the plate (to use a very American phrase!)